How to stop Checkpoint’s Endpoint Security VPN client from auto loading on startup (MacOs)

UPDATE: While the solution described prevents the client from auto-loading, there appears to be firewall changes that are changed at install, which are always in force which affects your ability to see your NAS and, I’m sure, will give you other connectivity issues. I’ve now reverted to installing and uninstalling as I need it 🙁

As previously mentioned, Endpoint is a pervasive parasite, but a necessary evil if you need to connect by VPN through one of their gateways.

What you will probably also notice is that there is no option to stop it from auto loading on boot up. I use it occasionally, such that I have considered installing/uninstalling as I went, but found this solution:

By changing an attribute to “false” in two .plist files, it will not auto load. There is however a catch: this does not work on the latest MacOs version of Endpoint ie E80.71. The last version that I have tried that works is E80.62. Download link:

I haven’t tried E80.64 yet, but according to the publishing dates, E80.62 came a few days after E80.64. I’ll figure that discreptancy out later and report back if I do.