Inadvertent track pad input while typing? (Mac)

A mouse is connected and I am not using the built in track pad on my macbook. Occasionally while typing I inadvertently touch the trackpad, the cursor moves to some random spot in my typing without me noticing and the new input is somewhere between everything else.

Going to the Trackpad tab in System Preferences has the Ignore accidental trackpad input box checked, but makes no difference for me.

The answer is to go to Mouse and track pad under Universal Access in System preferences. Click Ignore built in track pad when mouse is present.

It would be better if the previous solution actually worked as advertised (am I missing something here?) But this solution is the best I have found.


Delete multiple emails from Outlook Web Access web email client.

I found this very elegant trick from user ryanker over on

If you have your inbox open and wish to select all the emails listed on the page for an action (like delete), you may find that the option of clicking the first , while holding down shift and clicking the last email in a range, to select all intervening entries, will not work if you are using firefox/chrome on a mac.

If the ability to consecutively select is not available, no matter what combination of OS or browser you are using, just copy

javascript:var f=document.activeElement.childNodes[1].contentDocument;var c=f.all[‘MsgID’];var i;for(i=0;i<c.length;i++){c[i].click();}

into the browser address bar and hit enter. This will select all the messages. Then hit delete/move, whatever.

I was tying to clean out a few hundred emails spanning a year and clicking each one individually was not going to be the answer, till I found this.

Old school, very elegant.

Flash not working on your new Firefox 4 install on your mac? [Solved]

So you have noticed that flash is not working on your new Firefox 4 beta install.

You have checked that the plugin is in place and you even updated it, but still no dice.

The answer is that you need to run FireFox in 32 bit mode and forego all the advantages of 64 bit.

To do this, close FireFox. Left click on the Firefox icon in the applications folder via Finder while simultaneously holding down <control>. Hit “get info” and tick the box “Open in 32-bit mode” Close that up and relaunch. It should work.

As for reasons why this is so…its a long story that you’ll need to google.