Delete multiple emails from Outlook Web Access web email client.

I found this very elegant trick from user ryanker over on

If you have your inbox open and wish to select all the emails listed on the page for an action (like delete), you may find that the option of clicking the first , while holding down shift and clicking the last email in a range, to select all intervening entries, will not work if you are using firefox/chrome on a mac.

If the ability to consecutively select is not available, no matter what combination of OS or browser you are using, just copy

javascript:var f=document.activeElement.childNodes[1].contentDocument;var c=f.all[‘MsgID’];var i;for(i=0;i<c.length;i++){c[i].click();}

into the browser address bar and hit enter. This will select all the messages. Then hit delete/move, whatever.

I was tying to clean out a few hundred emails spanning a year and clicking each one individually was not going to be the answer, till I found this.

Old school, very elegant.

Flash not working on your new Firefox 4 install on your mac? [Solved]

So you have noticed that flash is not working on your new Firefox 4 beta install.

You have checked that the plugin is in place and you even updated it, but still no dice.

The answer is that you need to run FireFox in 32 bit mode and forego all the advantages of 64 bit.

To do this, close FireFox. Left click on the Firefox icon in the applications folder via Finder while simultaneously holding down <control>. Hit “get info” and tick the box “Open in 32-bit mode” Close that up and relaunch. It should work.

As for reasons why this is so…its a long story that you’ll need to google.

SATA 2 on an older KM4M-V MSI Motherboard

Not exactly possible. SATA2 drives, though apparently back compatible to SATA1 (1.5Gb/s), don’t always automatically default back on this m/board.

Look up your HDD manufacturers site and find the jumper setting to revert it to SATA1. My drive has a drawing on the drive cover 🙂

Ensure Onboard SATA is *enabled* in the BIOS.

The MB will then recognise the SATA drive. I just could not make this drive bootable.  So currently booting from the IDE drive.

No sound via HDMI cable from new graphics card in your HTPC?

Firstly, within the case,  make sure you have connected  S/PDIF OUT on the motherboard to the S/PDIF pins on the graphics card with the (provided) lead. The HDMI port needs to get its sound from somewhere.

Then, Control panel>Sound. Look throught the devices and right click the S/PDIF device and change to default. Save these settings and reboot. That should work. If it does not, goto the same S/PDIF device in control panel and with a right click/properties there is a tab for supported codecs. Untick all and leave only the Microsoft WMA Pro Audio option.

The app that did not want to play sound (in my case: Media Centre) needs to be restarted for the settings to work, which I achieve with a reboot.

Good luck.

XCSoar 5.2.2 on an iPAQ 312

After trying XCSoar on my HP4700, I faced a number of problems.

Firstly it would freeze up mid use. This has been reported as due to overheating. Other Hx4700 users have been known to “ice” their PDA’s before flying with them.

Secondly, to keep the PDA mobile between different club gliders, I wanted it to be a single independent unit. So I installed a CF GPS card. This made it a touch bulky, but also, reset everything if the card was removed.

Thirdly, and this is always a problem, battery life was poor.

When I heard that a Aussie paraglider pilot had installed XCSoar onto a Binatone Car GPS Nav, it was the obvious progression: Use a device that is specifically made to run a GPS app as a single device.

I also saw that the iPAQ 31x series was being actively supported. The iPAQ 31x series havent done too well as GPS Nav’s, for whatever reason, but they do have a few specifications that are great for XCSoar: A decent GPS chip. An Awesome screen 800×400 resolution and a decent processor ~600Mhz. But now for the kicker: HP has decided to pull ut of the PNA market and so the price of these models have dropped. About a month ago I saw one for AUD$340 at Officeworks. Today, at the same Officeworks: AUD$240. So I bought one.

Great looking, big screen. I unzipped the contents of the latest stable PNA version of XCsoar onto the root directory of a new 4GB (overkill) HCSD card. put it in and reset. Navigated to the cards root directory and launched XCSoar. It GPS locked quickly and appears to be working fine. By changing the “look” (Menu 11 in setting to ipaq 31x version made the interface and fonts look so much better.

I then went to the terrain generating sub site for XCSoar and made up maps for SE Queensland. I used 9 arc seconds resolution initially, and have also created a 3 arc second set. I’ll try both and see if the device struggles with the bigger file, which is about 1 meg in size, about double.

As for battery life, this will always be a problem. Paul Remde’s Cumulus Soaring has a Socket power pack for USD$100 that will increase life to about 9hours 30 min from the expected 2hrs. It plugs ito the USB port.

Now I just need to fly with it to try it out…