Flash not working on your new Firefox 4 install on your mac? [Solved]

So you have noticed that flash is not working on your new Firefox 4 beta install.

You have checked that the plugin is in place and you even updated it, but still no dice.

The answer is that you need to run FireFox in 32 bit mode and forego all the advantages of 64 bit.

To do this, close FireFox. Left click on the Firefox icon in the applications folder via Finder while simultaneously holding down <control>. Hit “get info” and tick the box “Open in 32-bit mode” Close that up and relaunch. It should work.

As for reasons why this is so…its a long story that you’ll need to google.

SATA 2 on an older KM4M-V MSI Motherboard

Not exactly possible. SATA2 drives, though apparently back compatible to SATA1 (1.5Gb/s), don’t always automatically default back on this m/board.

Look up your HDD manufacturers site and find the jumper setting to revert it to SATA1. My drive has a drawing on the drive cover ­čÖé

Ensure Onboard SATA is *enabled* in the BIOS.

The MB will then recognise the SATA drive. I just could not make this drive bootable.  So currently booting from the IDE drive.

No sound via HDMI cable from new graphics card in your HTPC?

Firstly, within the case,  make sure you have connected  S/PDIF OUT on the motherboard to the S/PDIF pins on the graphics card with the (provided) lead. The HDMI port needs to get its sound from somewhere.

Then, Control panel>Sound. Look throught the devices and right click the S/PDIF device and change to default. Save these settings and reboot. That should work. If it does not, goto the same S/PDIF device in control panel and with a right click/properties there is a tab for supported codecs. Untick all and leave only the Microsoft WMA Pro Audio option.

The app that did not want to play sound (in my case: Media Centre) needs to be restarted for the settings to work, which I achieve with a reboot.

Good luck.