Lion/Mountain Lion: Can’t see our NAS? Using VPN client software?

You may need to uninstall the VPN client. Luckily I no longer needed it.
And if you uninstall, its best to use the uninstaller that came with the client.

I hade Checkpoint / Securepoint installed. I could not see the NAS via its setup client.
This did my head in until I saw a post about someone who found his VPN client interfering. Removed mine. No luck. Realised there were Launchagents still doing things in the background via error logs.
Used the uninstaller that came with the checkpoint/securepoint and now it works just fine. Hope this helps someone out there. This may problem may reveal itself as a timemachine backup that wont work after installing the VPN client. I bet the timemachine target is on a NAS!

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